Roofing-Pros and Cons of Different Roofing Materials

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The roof of your home is the first defensive aterial against many elements. The quality,Guest Posting shape and condition of your home’s roof can directly effect on the value of your home and appearance. Now there are many choices available in the market ranging from traditional wood to eco friendly rubber. It is always recommended you to choose the roof which suits best to your home location, style, structure and climate. There are different roofing materials available which have pros as well as cons. The asphalt shingles roofs are very popular. The main pros of this roofing material are that it is economical and you can repair it easily. The other advantage is that this type of roofing material is available in different types of shapes, colors, and sizes. The asphalt shingles roofs has also some cons. This type of roofing material is not suitable in warmer climates. This type of roofing material has fewer lifetimes than other roofing materials.

Metal roofing is becoming very popular. Metal roofing is alternative to traditional roofing materials. The main pros of metal roofing are maintenance free and light weighted. Metal roofing can also survive in high winds. The metal roofs are fireproof. The metal roofs can install over the old shingles. Metal roofing has also some cons. The main cons of metal roofing are sheer installation cost. The noise of rain can be doubled with a metal roof. Metal roofs are not safe for the standing or walk. The metal roofs can cause slippery when wet. The slate roofing is beautiful but high cost material. The main pros of slate roof are that it can last for hundred years and slate roofs are more fire resistant. This type of roofing material is environmentally friendly roofing material. The cons of slate roofing are that it is very expensive. The weights of slate roofs are too much. The weight of slate roofs are about 800 and 1500 pounds per square. Few contractors know properly to install slate roofs. Wood shake roofing looks beautiful at your home. The main pros of this type of roofing material are that it is wind resistant and also hail resistant. Many people prefer this type of roofing materials for their high end look.

The main cons of wood shakes are regular maintenance and also time to time application of chemicals to keep them fire resistant. This type of roofing material can damage from both sunlight and water. The wood shakes have high prices than other roofing materials. Wood roofing is very popular because of its elegant and warm looks. The main pros of wood roofing are its natural warm look. This type of roofing is very easily to repair or replace. The main cons of roofing material are that it needs more maintenance than other roofing materials. Cement roofing ads value to your home and looks elegant. The main benefit of cement roofing is that it is available in different colors and styles. The main disadvantage of this roofing material is than it is more costly than other roofing materials.

Oklahoma Roofing Jobs Means More Tax Dollars For Communities

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This spring’s severe weather did a lot of damage, creating a lot of grief for local homeowners in several central Oklahoma communities. Beyond all the havoc, many communities around the Oklahoma City metro are reporting a positive outcome after those destructive storms.

Severe storm damage was reported all over the northwest Oklahoma City and Edmond area. Winds exceeding 60 mph and hail stones larger than softballs were reported in north Edmond leaving a trail of damage to cars, businesses and homes. The devastating effects of strong winds and hail were especially evident with the amount of roof damage across the area.

Just about anywhere you go in Edmond and surrounding communities, the sound of pounding hammers can be heard throughout the neighborhoods in this north metro suburb. Roofing companies from Edmond to Norman were busy filling orders and responding to damage claims. Oklahoma roofing companies have always been in demand during the spring months, but this year has proven to be the most active in quite some time.

One roofer working in Edmond claimed he would earn over half a million dollars from one neighborhood alone. Insurance companies usually pick up the tab on these jobs that include sales taxes on the construction materials that are purchased. Sales tax collections in Edmond are up 20%. Local financial managers attribute 13% of that increase is to roofing material purchases.

The sales tax rate in Edmond is 3.75%. The growth rate is based on a 3.25% sales tax rate that excludes the half-cent sales tax designated to construct at $25.5 million Public Safety Center.

Edmond revenue from the first fiscal quarter equals $13.4 million. This is a $2.2 million increase from that same period in 2011. Edmond’s first fiscal quarter saw a 20% increase from the previous year. City officials say this jump is almost exclusively a result of roofing activity. Edmond roofing work is expected to continue for several more months

Other cities around Oklahoma City are reporting similar figures. The Village has seen a 19% increase, while Oklahoma City reports that 2% of their 16% increase is a result of Oklahoma City roofers buying needed materials. Oklahoma City showed 4.7 percent sales tax growth from mid-June to mid-July compared to the previous year.